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    1. Offering Comprehensive Land and

      Engineering Survey Services from Boundary

       Retracements and  Research to Site Control

       and Base Mapping  to Infrastructure

       Construction Surveys

      PRIVATE:  Land Status Research: Writing Legal Descriptions; Diverse   Property Surveys; Subdivisions; Development

      Planning; Site-Plans; As-Builts; Elevation Certificates; Mining Layout and Quantity Surveys; Engineering Design Surveys;

      Construction Layout and Monitoring; GPS Machine Control Survey Management

      Large scale remote Cadastral Projects: all phases from preliminary client meetings, through field survey and final

      production of Plats and Field Notes. (Rectangular, U.S. Surveys, Historical, ANCSA14 ?, Native Allotment Surveys)

      AK DOT/PF:  
      Airport and Highway Property and Design Surveys; Research, planning, field surveying and production of

      final ROW Maps, Survey Control Diagrams, and Topographic Base Mapping

      AK DNR:  Tideland Surveys; Subdivisions

      USACE:  Hydrographic Survey; Consulting Surveyor for both above and underwater GPS Machine controlled Civil

      Construction projects (providing field survey, Real-Time Grade management; Design Change adaptation, and weekly COE

      Quality Control Reports)

      Aerial Mapping Photo/LIDAR Control Survey

          Providing a Basis of Quality Survey Data for Professionals Managing and Utilizing Earth and Infrastructure Resources

      Hanson Surveying & Mapping, LLC


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      Hanson Surveying &

      Mapping, LLC was

      formed in 2009 to

      provide professional

      surveying services

      across Alaska. It is a

      small and efficient

      company that is highly

      responsive to the needs

      of its clients with an

      emphasis on building

      lasting working


      Providing Professional Surveying Services Throughout Alaska

      Our staff has experience in a variety of surveying scenarios across the state of Alaska and presents a

       valuable asset to any team needing surveying and mapping services. 
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